SGA meeting goes on with few attending

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Even though many members of the SGA have been absent from the past two meetings due to illnesses and school dealings in the states capitol, it has been business as usual for those in attendance.

The SGA discussed in their weekly meeting whether the decision in granting the Fellowship of Christian Athletes $750 for the streamers thrown in Western’s loss to Northwest last Saturday was appropriate.

The SGA was under the assumption that the FCA was to hold the streamers until the end of the game and throw them only if the Griffons won. The streamers were thrown after the Griffons first basket and a technical foul was called.

The SGA expressed their desire to help organizations around campus become involved and start traditions, but this may have been a waste of $750 and an unnecessary technical foul.
Some members of Alpha Sigma Alpha were present at the meeting to appeal the FOC decision to only grant them $1,225 which is $630 short of them being able to send the 31 of its members wishing to attend their district days in Kansas City, Mo. All organizations are allowed a maximum of $2,500 per year for activities, conferences and events. No one from the
FOC was present to object the appeal of ASA.

Steve Wichern, an SGA senator, gave a speech in affirmation to allocate the extra funds to ASA.

“We need to help organizations trying to better themselves,” Wichern said. “Because no one is here to speak on FOC behalf; their silence is compliance.”

The SGA approved the ASA appeal and granted them the additional funds needed.

Nick McCutcheon, SGA senator, is glad the SGA sided with Alpha Sigma Alpha and granted them the additional funds they needed.

“It is the organizations money anyways and if they don’t use it it’s just going to sit there,” McCutcheon said.

In the absence of SGA President Dillon Harp and recently resigned SGA Executive Vice President Robin Ussher, Senator and Parliamentarian Jacob Scott has run the last two SGA meetings.
Scott states that he has enjoyed the experience of being the presiding officer over the SGA meetings and has learned a lot from it.

“The experience of the last two meetings is wonderful and only affirms my confidence in my ability to be a great choice for Vice President,” Scott said.

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