Scholarship programs restructured

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Millions of dollars is to be put into Missouri Scholarship programs when tuition is on the rise.

Gov. Jay Nixon said, “My Budget in 2012 also includes millions of dollars for Missouri’s most successful college scholarship programs.”

Gov. Nixon did not specify how much would go to what program and if the -scholarships are going to be worth more if they are just going to have the funds to grant more scholarships.

“We have got no information on the governor’s statement yet,” Marilyn Baker, director of financial aid, said.

The Scholarship programs the governor was referring to are Bright Flight, Access Missouri and the A+ Scholarship. These programs are all offered here at Missouri Western.  Western students also get state aid from Marguerite Ross Barnett Memorial Scholarship and Missouri Returning Heroes’ Education Act Scholarship. Director of Admissions Howard McCauley said,“We feel very strongly about our scholarship program we feel we have a scholarship program we can compete with.”

Governor Nixon took $50 million out of the Access Missouri scholarship budget for the 2010-2011 school years. The Missouri Higher education Authority or MOHELA put $30 million back into Access Missouri so students were not hit as hard.

In 2008-2009 4,746 Missouri western Students received $4,489,371 in state scholarships and grants in 210-2011. 5,197 Missouri Western students received $3,068,769 in state scholarships and grants. In 2008-2009 school years the students received $355 more dollars in State aid. The Financial Aid department is waiting to find out if MOHELA is going to donate the same funds as they did last year.

“We will not have a dollar figure for state aid until maybe the middle of the summer.” Baker explained that the process to determine state aid,”  Baker said. “April 1 the state gets all the FASFA information and they house all the data then they determine the amount the student is going to get based on the number of applicants.”  

The A+ program only affects people getting a two-year degree. “For the two-year programs we are still eligible for the A+ program,” McCauley said.  

The A+ program is currently in legislation. “The A+ is really hard to predict for next year the changes are still in the legislative process so we don’t know the effect that will have on Missouri Western students,” Baker said.

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