New Fee for Esry Health Services Proposed


The Esry Medical Services office may begin to cost everyone in the form of a fee every semester.

The move is controversial because fees are not met with enthusiasm but the benefits to everyone could be greater than the cost. The idea of a fee for Esry’s medical services is not new. They charge a fee of between $15 to $35 for their services now when a student uses the facility. The proposed $25 fee will make the services they offer free to everyone.

“We are on a fact finding mission right now,” SGA President, Dillon Harp said.

He says, they a looking at the possibility of the fee and how students will react to the idea. Harp didn’t seem to be very hopeful that students could vote on the issue next month. “Most senators agree that we need more information before we are ready to present anything for a vote.” He did mention, however, that he felt the student body could best be served with a health center that was staffed with medical personnel all day every day. “That is one of the most important features the fee could pay for,” said Harp.

Esry center is open Monday through Thursday with Registered Nurse, Marti Burri from 8 a.m. till 4:30 p.m. The Nurse Practitioner, Elizabeth Roderick is available for clinic hours from 12:30 p.m. till 4:30 p.m. The Administrative Assistant, Angie Beck covers the office on Fridays and helps students make decisions as to what is best concerning their health. “I can check for a fever and refer them to other healthcare providers off campus depending on their symptoms,” said Beck. “It sometimes breaks my heart when someone comes in and I cannot treat them; some agree to wait till Monday for treatment.”

The staff includes Student Nurse, Kayleigh Kreidler who shadows the staff nurses as she learns to handle the clinic which sees about 20 to 25 students each day. MWSU student Raychel Whitaker helps in the office as an assistant to Angie Beck. Beck says, “We would need to add staff if we began seeing more students. It’s a real possibility if every student pays the fee more students would come see us, and that’s a good thing.”

“More students will know more about us and what we have to offer,” Burri said. “The fee would give us money not only to pay for supplies for everything including the paper for the Fax machine, but also for advertising our services.

The services provided by Esry Student Medical Services include everything from simple injections for flu and allergies to treating mental disorders. The nursing staff has the power to write prescriptions and test for everything from strep throat to sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms and Dum-Dum suckers are handed out freely on the main counter in the front office.

They have a partnership with the counseling center and often refer students to that office for stress management, anxiety, depression and eating disorders. They offer pregnancy testing and gynecological services. They are also there for things like blood pressure checks and management. “We also see students with problems that need services outside of campus,” Roderick said. “Since we have a contract with Heartland Hospital we can refer a student there.”

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