Western rededicates Agenstein as new science center


Despite a harsh economy and increasing cuts from the state, Missouri Western State University continues to become a better institution of higher learning us students.

On Tuesday, January 18 Missouri Western opened up another newly renovated building, notching in another accomplishment in Griffon progress. The new building will offer science-related majors opportunities to new technologies that they will most likely be using in the real world. All of this comes as administrators are facing even more cuts from the state.

Brooke Carter | Photo & Graphics Editor

What does it mean for the students? Well, consider us lucky. As state funded education is cut across the board in Missouri, we’re lucky to have a new science building. Western is taking these cuts more harshly than other intuitions, so all of these renovations appear to be a miracle.

With these cuts also comes the fear that the building may go to waste. Even with a newly renovated building and new technologies, does this mean Western faculty are prepared to teach with these new technologies? If not, Western may not have the funds to viably support such a facility. These fears are pushed aside with the reminder of Missouri Western’s dedicated staff, faculty and administration.

The quality of education at Western is just a testament to the overworked administration. Dealing with cuts means losing a lot of budget, but somehow Western still appeals to students. Our faculty remains highly distinguished with more professors receiving the highest degrees possible in their fields. Finally,

Missouri Western’s staff remains dedicated through change and cuts as they too weather the harsh state of affairs. We also must make the best of the situation.

With this hard work comes a burden of responsibility for us, though. We should feel lucky and thus act accordingly. A newly renovated building can only be kept in pristine condition if we keep all of the above in mind. If we don’t, our administrator’s hard work could go to waste. Remington Hall has been open for a year and we have been able to handle the responsibility that came with that building. We should also be able to handle taking care of Agenstein.

The opening of Agenstein Hall is just another step up the staircase to a better university. Fortunately, this staircase has no limit; it is as tall as we can see. Missouri Western is only held back by the sad truth of limited resources and time. But, given enough of both Missouri Western will continues to make its way up this staircase to an ever-changing tomorrow.

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