Welcome Back 2011


As new students are ready to get started and old students are returning, have graduated or have just gotten fed up with this school, this semester is now in and ready to roll. Professors have started emailing their students with future tasks, and the business office is already applying fees and ridiculous dollars to our student accounts. As a second semester Junior, I find it downright ludicrous that the business office has already started billing students before a single class has even been taken. And for those students on certain scholarships, bills and fees get applied weeks and weeks before scholarships are even subtracted. Stupid holds continue to get placed on student’s accounts and soon enough, students will either need to set up a payment plan with another fee, or suffer some pricy consequences. So, my question to you all is this: What are we welcoming ourselves to: unfair expenses, ridiculous fees, rude employees in numerous offices and on course mediocre overpriced food and housing opportunities.

Well, I say no more. No more crazy, unfair things happening to our peeps and our campus. It’s time for us as students, administrators and employees to stand up for things we know are just absolutely unfair. And how we do this is through me, Eboni Lacey. I am your new Opinions Editor, and my job is to examine and acknowledge the things that need to be changed at our school. This semester I plan to ask, question, study, review and inspect all policies and procedures that are ultimately not in a student’s best benefits. I want students to use me as a source to truly write and complain about things that bug, anger and depress you about our school. Take all those frustrations and do something productive with it by writing about it. Instead of complaining to your peers, why not use your voice and let your beliefs be seen thousands of students and administrators, including Esther Peralez, Dave Williams and Dr. Vartabedian; all that read and respond to many of our articles and issues. Many changes that have been made through our university have been because of the Griffon News acknowledging and responding to certain topics. So, give it a chance and use our 12 issues within this spring semester to let your voice be heard.  John F. Kennedy once said, “We must use our time as a tool, and not a crutch.” So, Missouri Western, we have an opportunity in our time here to change the things we know need to be changed. What will we do with this time? Will we use it as a tool and write in this opinions section about the things that bring us to headaches, heartbreaks, anger and tears? Or will we use this time as a crutch with the excuse of, “I’m leaving here soon, it’s not that big of deal.” The choice is yours!

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