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Annual international film festival hosted by The Department of Communication Studies Theater

Students here at Missouri Western State University have the opportunity to see the world from a foreign view and experience the different cultures and language.

The Department of Communication Studies Theater and Video presented the seventh annual Griffon International Film Festival, Feb. 1-4.

This year’s film festival featured 38 short films selected by students out of the many entries received from around the world. There also was a Missouri Western Student Showcase that gave current students at Western a chance to show their best video work.

Foreign films are a great way to fully appreciate and understand the world in which you live. Learning about different language and culture gives you perspectives that you may never have known otherwise. Understanding these differences is vital in a world where nations and peoples are dependent on another to supply goods and services. Being in touch with the economical, political, professional and social realities of other cultures show us how to cooperate, communicate, negotiate and compromise.

Professor of Spanish, Dr. Eduardo Castilla, recognizes the importance of this understanding.

“We trade many products and goods with other nations and we also depend on the importation of goods,” Castilla said.

“We are a global community.”

While all these films had different messages from around the world dealing with real life scenarios and situations, they allowed us to step inside the mind and context of that other culture.
Foreign films are unique stories that are entertaining and educational. They are not the type of films you would see at the local theater, but they are certainly a must see.

“I love the film festival because it’s a great way for students to see things that they might not otherwise see because these films don’t necessarily run in main stream theaters,” said Susie Hennessy, professor of French here at Western.

The festival showcased the work of Western students that many found to be very interesting. Western has many talented students who put a lot of hard work into producing and filming their own original work.
Mallory Edson and Jeanna Ross showed their film Noir, A spoof on the gumshoe, the dame and film noir lighting. They both worked hard on quality and putting their project together.

“I know it was chosen as a selection because of the quality. We filmed it for a class cinematography project and really put a lot of effort into making it look good,” Edson said.

Hopefully you didn’t miss the opportunity to see this film put together by Edson and Ross and all the other Western student’s projects, but you have one more chance to see films made by Western students along with the last set of wonderful foreign films.

Tomorrow, Feb. 4, is the last screening at 7 p.m. in the Hearnes Center, room 102, featuring 8 short films. Two of those films are by Western students Kallie Hartigan and Jake Southard.
Hartigan’s Hypnosis Theme and Southard’s The Clincher will premier.
Admission is free and open to the public.

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