Spring Sports Complex update

Baseball Sports

The new spring sports complex that is being built on the north side of campus is starting to take form.

The softball and baseball teams have to enjoy not driving off campus to practice and for games three or four days a week. For the money that is being spent on the project, it is a top notch facility.

Not many have been inside the complex to see everything just yet, but there is one very noticeable thing that any driver going by can see. The baseball field has a turf infield. Now it may not be uncommon for some places to have turf instead of grass, but this field has turf instead of dirt.
Now the question has to be raised of how this will affect the players.
Playing on a turf infield with regular dirt is a difficult task, but how will it be taking on an entirely turf infield?

I guess we will all have to wait for the season to start; but the athletic department is making a very smart decision. We get a lot of snow in the winter and sometimes even in the early spring. Basically, this translates to a lot of cancelled games.

The turf baseball field will cut down on the number of cancelled games and therefore make the season a little colder for fans, but also add a little bit of a home field advantage.

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