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Q&A with Keisha Caldwell

What does being VP of WAC mean to you?
It has helped me learn more about myself, and as a leader I look at accountability in a positive way.

What exciting things do you have planned?
Myself, and my e-board including my members are finding programs that are not costly, but will have the same effect with students. We are going to have a membership week and a night of madness with a Wii, playstation, a big giant twister and a movie series. We will have the Spring concert and lots of good things in store.

What specific things would you like to see happen this semester?
Everyone really enjoyed the comedy shows, so I will be working on putting together a series of comedy shows. We are going to have some local hip-hop artists from Kansas City and St. Louis come and showcase what hip-hop is about making the entertainment educational.

Given low attendance in the past, what is going to be done to increase attendance?
Attendance always goes up and down, but our approach is called gorilla marketing. We post flyers around campus and word of mouth is always a good thing. Networking and building connections with other groups is definitely a plus to bring in their crowds too, but we have to be real creative marketing our programs to make them successful.

When planning these events, what type of audience are you targeting?
Working with other organizations and targeting people outside about certain events and helping them remember ones from the past will help. We really need to get the word out in advance more, that will really help.

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