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Library cleans off shelves by selling old books

Two times a year, the Missouri Western library holds a book sale to help remove materials the library cannot use.

One book sale is during April, which usually coincides with National Library week, and the second is usually in October or November. This year the book sale was November 8-12. The library holds the book sales in order to help remove materials the library can no longer use.

Julia Schneider, the library director, says there can be many different items found in the book sales.

Students and faculty scour books placed in the library sale. Andy Inamn | Photographer

“Sometimes you can see a real variety of things, from paperback books to novels to out of date reference materials,” Schneider said.

Many of the items sold in these book sales are out of date reference books or journals that have newer editions available. Other items sold are gifts the library received that were not materials they could use. Many gifts the library receives they use, but not everything received is material that they need or can be used.

During the book sale, hardcover books generally sell for 50 cents and paperback books for 25 cents. Sets of books or journals are priced together as a set. Books that are not part of a set but that may be a collectable item are priced separately as well.

Sophomore Jeremy Howe said he browsed through the book sale and found many items of interest.

“I’m a music student so I bought some of the music scores,” Howe said. “There’s a very good variety of books for any student to look through.”

The money raised from these book sales is kept in a general fund account separate than the library account. Schneider says the library can then use this money to buys things they would not generally be able to afford.

“Through the years, we’ve purchased sound recordings, or lately some popular DVDs or CDs,” Schneider said. “General interest items that we normally couldn’t purchase.”

Schneider also said that book sales have raised anywhere from $200 to $600 or $700 in the past years. She said it varies year by year. It’s not a huge amount of money, but it’s enough to be able to afford some things they wouldn’t normally be able to.

Sophomore Whitney Hollars said she would be interested in taking a look around the book sale.

“I think it would be pretty cool to go look around because you could get some really good deals,” Hollars said. “It would also help the school get some new things that are good for students in the long run.”

Books that are not sold in one book sale are generally kept for the next sale. If they don’t sell after two or three sales, the library sells them to an organization which then sends the items to countries overseas that cannot afford such items.

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