Student transfer rates up

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The number of transfer students from Northwest Missouri State University to Missouri Western State University has gone up from 26 last year to 42 this year.

Northwest is the second leading transfer school for fall 2010. It is located in Maryville, Missouri, which is 45 minutes away from Saint Joseph.

Ashley Smith, transfer student from Northwest said, “I transferred here because I was homesick and missed my family. I like being able to go to school and live at home.”

“I’ve had much better luck with the tutoring program at Missouri Western; I don’t remember hearing much about tutoring at Northwest and tutoring is important to me,” Smith said.

Katelyn Glasco, another transfer student from Northwest, said that her professors at Missouri Western are much more concerned with getting to know her and that cost of tuition played a part in her transferring.

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“I wasn’t sure what I wanted to major in and Missouri Western gave me better scholarships so it was cheaper,” Glasco said. “Also, I did not like the small size of the town Maryville.”

According to Tyson Schank, associate director of admissions, students just want a more affordable education due to the economic times or simply want to be closer to home.

“Transfer students are up across the board,” Schank said. “In general we are up significantly partially due to the partnerships we have with other schools to help get students here.”

According to Schank, there is a 38 percent increase of students enrolling from the Kansas City area and an 18 percent increase in getting students who came for a campus visit enrolled.

The top transfer schools for fall 2010 are Metropolitan Community Colleges. There are 81 transfer students which is 72 percent increase from fall 2009.

There are 42 transfer students from Northwest Missouri State, which is a 61 percent increase from fall 2009.

North Central Missouri College has 31 transfer students and that is a 48 percent increase from fall 2009.

Highland Community College has 26 transfer students, a 30 percent increase from fall 2009.

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