Felons need right to protect themselves

We, as Americans have the right to protect ourselves with the use of weapons, however if we are convicted of any felony we lose our right to bare arms. Felons with non-violent crimes shouldn’t lose their right to bare arms. I have a felony for receiving stolen property. The property that I received was a book of compact discs. As a result of this felony, I’m not allowed to possess a weapon of any sort. I can’t have a handgun, a knife longer than six inches, or a bow and arrow. I’m not allowed to hunt, which I could care less about, but I’m not allowed to protect myself either. How am I supposed to protect myself if I’m not allowed to have a gun, a crossbow, or even a knife? If I’m home alone and someone breaks into my house with the intention to kill me, I have to throw an ashtray at him or her and hope for a kill shot. Not only am I not allowed to possess firearms; I’m not allowed to even be around them. I can’t even live in a house that has weapons in it. If I were to follow the law as it reads, I wouldn’t even be able to possess the utensils needed to eat a steak dinner. There should be some criteria for felons and their right to possess firearms especially since the crimes that constitute a felony are steadily increasing. If you get pulled over on the way home from picking up your grandmother’s medication at the pharmacy, you get charged with a felony for having a prescription that’s not in your name. If you get caught driving without a license three times, that’s a felony. If you get caught driving under the influence three times, that’s a felony. If you are charged with any of these crimes, you are labeled as a felon and you lose your right to bare arms. Murderers and other violent offenders should not be able to possess firearms because they have the potential to endanger lives but they should be placed in a separate category than non-violent offenders. I’ve never had a violent crime of any sort in my life but because someone left a couple of Jay-Z CD’s in my car, I’m not allowed to protect my family. These laws vary in different states but the government still doesn’t have a permanent standard set for felons and their right to bare arms, not one that’s fair anyways. A lot of the people that fall into the category of convicted felons served our country in the past. They shot killed and died for our freedom, and now they can’t even own a gun because of some petty crime that our government deems a felony.

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  1. Well, it is all part of the plan of the elite of this country to make felons of us all and leave us with nothing. Then we will be at their mercy and won’t be able to stop their BS.

    I don’t have a felony, but like you said one day something could be legal or a misdemeanor and the next thing you know it is labelled as a felony. I too have serve this felonious country as an officer in the national guard. I now consider the united states (not worthy of capitalizing the name) as a rogue country. We are now no better than nazi germany when they invaded their neighbor Poland in 1939. George Bush, the draft dodger, is a war criminal.

    I was talking to a Vietnam Vet who I have known for a couple of years now and he told me that it is now a felony to make a potato gun!!!!!! Glad I didn’t decide to make one to amuse the grandkids this summer. Holy bat crap Batman!!!!

    With all these jackass politicians wanting to make a name for themselves by passing a law with their name on it, no wonder things that were legal just a few years ago are now considered a felony. Personally, I think we only need one law, and it will be the supreme law of the land, CAUSE NO HARM. Then the majority of the attorneys and the rest of the criminal hacks can find themselves more productive jobs, say like, DIGGING DITCHES!!!!!!!!

    Anybody who has gotten a felony and has not gotten any other felonies during a five year period and who did not commit a violent crime, SHOULD have his/her record expunged and have all of their rights restored to them. Otherwise what is the point of putting people in jail to pay for their crime and then hold it against them for the rest of their lives after they have been released from prison.

    Only in Amerika, can a rich person who is a mass murderer, aka George Bush, still be allowed to walk the streets because of his wealth and former status as a puppet president for the military industrial complex.

    Come on lucky seven, papa needs a ticket to neutral Finland so the usa can kiss my arse on the way out.

    Maybe someday the american brainwashed sheeple will pull their heads out of their gluteous maximus and demand that everybody regardless of status or wealth, shall be treated with the same dignity and respect in matters of laws of equity..

  2. I feel the same way. The second amendment is a “right” that you can’t take away. Look at the Martha Stewart case. You people mean to tell me that she shouldn’t have firearms, but the person who neglects or abuses their pet dog is the great gun owner? What about misdemeanor embezzlement or shoplifting? They can own firearms, but the felon embezzler or shoplifter is banned for life? So if someone shoplifts or embezzles $999 dollars worth of money or merchandise they can be the model gun owner, but the person who does the same with $1000 should lose that right for life? Also in many states possession of a Schedule I or Schedule II drug is a felony. Why should someone who got caught with a little coke or heroin years ago be lumped in with violent offenders? In Arizona mere possession of marijuana is a felony, so someone who gets caught with a single joint here should lose the right to own guns for life, but the person who is caught in Virginia or California can be the model armed citizen? I blame our politicians, the laws, and the other idiots who support these laws. Too many victimless actions are crimes and too many of them are felonies. In some gun control states like New Jersey, merely possessing a semi automatic AK-47 is a felony charge but one can possess the same item in Virginia or Texas and be the model gun owner?? It is straight up b.s.

  3. A person who has committed a felony should have his fire arms rights taken away, but not permanently. It’s been over thirty years since my aledged crime and I have served my time plus thirty years and I deserve the right to own a weapon. I am a model citizen and I back our police force 100%, but they are not always when you need them.

  4. I’m in the same boat. A few years ago I was at a birthday party for a friend and one of his friends had a narcotics on him and the cops showed up and charged him, myself and my friend with a Felony for possession and now I can’t own a firearm. I’ve NEVER done a drug in my life, nor sold them nor even associated with people who have. I was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Just ONE occurance in my life that I could not control and now I’m screwed for life according to the Federal Government. My Wife has gotten held up coming home from work almost 7 times in 4 years she applied for a gun and carry permit to protect herself but I’m not allowed to be near them. I dont even want to have kids because I’m afraid if something happens to them it would be my fault because I can’t properly protect them. Something very very wrong has been allowed to go on here.

  5. I think the amendment is very clear. we have the right to bare arms and nothing can take that away. well they are taking it away. violent crime or not. It is still a constitutional right that some people don’t have anymore. It’s wrong!


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