Keeping the US troops deployed will end the hate


The terrorist threat against Americans hasn’t ended. Just because we haven’t found weapons of mass destruction, doesn’t mean they don’t exist.
Our country went to war to protect us from terrorism.

We can’t pull the troops out now because our country isn’t safe yet. We still haven’t found Osama Bin Laden and we need to better train Iraqi security.

If we pull out now, we will have let down the thousands of soldiers that have fought and died for this country.

We have to stand strong and stick to our original plan. We have a new president, that shouldn’t meant that we have a whole new strategy about protecting our country.

In April of 2003, President Bush said, “We will except nothing less than complete and final victory.”

I certainly don’t feel that we have come near complete and final victory.

If we pull out our troops just because we have a new president with different views that makes our country look unstable.

Even the Iraqi politicians are scared of our departure. “All Iraqis want Americans to withdraw from Iraq as soon as possible,” Asnan al Dulaimi, a senior Sunni politician said. “ We’re just afraid of the vacuum this withdraw may cause.”

Obama is taking our country in a completely different direction than our former leader intended.

Obama’s plan is to bring our entire troops home, no matter the consequence.

Just because we have a new leader doesn’t mean that we are a new country.

I think that Iraq and Afghanistan are taking Obama’s talk of withdraw as a sign of weakness.

If terrorists view us as week, they will begin to build confidence and start planning more attacks on the U.S.

I understand that Bush and Obama are different people with different views, but what kind of message does our changing of minds send to terrorists.

Obama has made the US look like a fool and doesn’t have the respect of other countries.

How stupid did he look when he attempted to shake hands with many Russians and was denied by every one of them?

I know the war seems bad because our fellow Americans are dying but the number of deaths in this war are far less than any other.

There are over 400,000 troops deployed in the Middle East and there has only been approximately 4300 deaths in a five-year period.

Terrorism is a problem that can’t go unanswered.

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