Idol worship doesn’t help

Commentary Opinion

I think idolizing movie stars is ridiculous. I see teenagers running and screaming just to catch a peek of their favorite actors and it makes me sick to my stomach.

These people are not heroes; they merely read lines from a script.

Some of these actors do admirable things off the set, but if I adopted a child from overseas, would you want my autograph?

Speaking of autographs, what a stupid thing to want, somebody’s signature on a piece of paper.

People hang pictures signed by actors and sports players on their walls.

When I wad into a house that has an autographed picture hanging, I lose all respect for that person.

The first pictures of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s baby were sold for 18 million dollars; that shows the stupidity of the American Public.

I’ll gladly sell pictures of my first born for 18 million. I have spiked hair and a six-pack, but nobody wants to see them because I’m not the star of Fight Club.

I don’t know this person, why would I want anything from him.

I wouldn’t even care to converse with him unless I’m getting paid for my time. If I had a napkin signed by Brad Pitt,

I would blow my nose with it and sell it for double the price.

I don’t put anyone above myself.

I have self-confidence and I’m secure with myself. I don’t feel the need to idol worship.

I know a girl that aspires to be Paris Hilton; what a wonderful idol. She has money, no brains, and sexual escapades posted all over the Internet.

What’s the world coming to when people are admired for being completely clueless and having no common sense, Is this a part of the American Dream too?

I consider myself to be fairly intelligent and I honestly feel like I lose a few thousand-brain cells every time I watch that whore on television.

I think if someone is going to worship an idol it should be someone they know with some common sense of right and wrong.

Someone that has sacrificed themselves for the good of mankind or saved a life is considered an idol to me.

We need to teach the nest generation to look up to people that actually make a difference in this world.

I would rather meet a surgeon that has saved thousands of lives than the girl that takes the male organ well on the Internet, like Pam Anderson and Paris Hilton.

I want my children to look up to doctors, teachers, and philanthropists.

I don’t want my kids running around looking like idiot’s, trying to get the autograph of a sexual deviant.

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