Growing problem requires attention

Editorial Opinion

School has only been in session for approximately two weeks and Missouri Western has already made $8,285 in parking violations.

We have to show up for class at least 30 minutes early if we wish to have any hope of finding a parking space.

There are 2,357 general, 113 accessible, and 30 time restricted spaces on campus.

There are more parking passes issued than there are spaces on campus.

You should be able to find a space though according to the logic that students are continuously coming and going.

It is hard to find a parking space on campus but it is possible if you are content with walking for 15 minutes.

Our main concern isn’t the parking spaces on campus; it’s the traffic that surrounds us.

Graphic | Brooke Carter

Last year, the total revenue from parking citations was 126,922 dollars and fifty cents.

This money goes to the parking security services department.

We don’t understand why this service needs so much money. Where does it go? What is it used for?

This doesn’t include the money issued by the university.

This money could be used to repair streets or to even extend Mitchell into a three-lane highway or at least to add a few new stoplights to better insure the safety of students.

Mitchell Ave. could easily be made into a three lane road. This would solve a lot of the driving problems on campus.

I’m sure that even if this is your first semester at Missouri Western, you have encountered this problem.

We need to solve the problems surrounding campus. We should save the approximate value of $126,000 for five years and put it towards the fixing of our surrounding roads.

If we fix the problems that surround us, the problems within will be much easier to solve.

This cluster of mass vehicles could possibly cause a head on collision, a small fender bender, or even a student to be hit while walking.

This problem gets much worse when the weather gets bad. In the winter , the lines that separate the parking spaces get covered with snow.

This makes people double park, which in turn gives us even fewer parking spaces.

The university spent a bunch of money on the chiefs training camp, which was a good investment.

They now need to spend a bunch of money on the construction of extra parking lots or the extending of surrounding roads.

Can you think of a better investment than more parking spaces for students?

This investment would benefit most of Missouri Western students and help insure the safety of pedestrians.

The number of students attending Missouri western is increasing each year.

Sooner or later, the university is going to have to face this issue head on and give us some resolution.

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