Griffons feeling the “blues,” fall to Washburn

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Missouri Western volleyball went down hard Friday night against rival Emporia State University, who is 13 in the nation.

Their rank was enough to show that Missouri Western would probably would be in for a fight against a dominant team like Emporia State. Emporia State won all three matches, sweeping the Griffons 3-0.

The Griffons did have some bright spots on the team though, with Tahler Johnston leading the team with nine kills.
Senior Kelli Sicner was second on the team with eight kills. She also played well in the loss to Emporia State.

“I thought games one and three we played pretty well and used our team chemistry to our advantage,” Sicner said. “However, game two in the match, we let Emporia State take control of our side of the court, and we let things fall apart.”

Western played hard but the Hornets proved to be too strong for Missouri Western to overcome the obstacles.

The Griffon volleyball team watches as a spike goes over the net on Friday night against Washburn. Western lost the match 3-0. Photo | Jason Brown

The team is now 5-6, and will look to improve on their losses.

Head Coach Cory Frederick said that there were many different problems in the game and fundamentals were to blame.

“We were focused on more of what the other team was doing to us, instead of focusing on what we could be doing to the other team, and somehow we have to balance between the two,” Frederick said.

He emphasized that the team would be working more on the fundamentals to get back to the form his team used to be. He said they have gotten away from those things.

This seemed to be true all night because there were times when Emporia got multiple kills in a row, and went on a strong run. Western struggled to bounce back from these runs and keep themselves in the game.

Coach Frederick said that the team needed to be more disciplined and it also affected the overall outcome of the match.

“When we made mistakes, Emporia took advantage of them,” Frederick said.

He felt the team’s lack of discipline allowed a good Emporia team to take the victory away in an easier fashion.  

Missouri Western has a tough road ahead of them, including big conference rival, Northwest Missouri State, who is still to come for the team.

Western versus Northwest is always a big rivalry game and the Griffons will need to be ready for them to come away with a win.

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