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Due to decreased participation in the Greek community, Western brought in a consultant last semester to determine various weaknesses in the Greek Community.

According to the report, the primary weakness was that Western’s fraternities and sororities do not act as a Greek Community. Reasons behind this problem are that many chapters do not work towards their values and visions and that there is not a common goal that all the chapters share. Academics, alumni and advisor involvement are decreasing as well.

Don Willis, the assistant dean of student services, understands that this issue needs to be addressed.

“We need to have a much stronger coordinated effort amongst the Greeks. The emphasis needs to be on Western Greeks as opposed to the individual chapters.”

In order for this to be accomplished, Student Services created the Greek Life Plan. There are eight goal areas in the Greek Life Plan, which include leadership, scholarship, service, and more. Each goal area is then broken down further into individual objectives.

Committees have been formed to go over and finalize the plan. It is hoped to be implemented by Nov. 1, and by doing so the ties between the Greeks will strengthen; enabling them to work together.

Breanne Boyer, a junior in Sigma Sigma Sigma, has realized this weakness and is working to overcome it with her sorority.

“We are trying to join together more as a Greek community. There used to be feuds between the different sororities, but now we are all friends and go to the same events,” Boyer said.

Among the eight goal areas is the lack of Greek Housing at Missouri Western. Willis says Greek Housing is something Western is looking into, not something that will happen overnight.

“[Greek Housing] is a realistic goal in probably five to six years,” Willis said.

First, Western would like to establish certain areas in the current dorms that are Greek living areas. After this first step, Western can then look into permanent housing for each fraternity and sorority. Housing is a huge financial investment and something that needs numbers to support it. Willis believes that if Greeks can work together as a Western Community, the numbers will rise and will then be able to support housing on campus.

Megan Goodwin, a junior, believes Greek housing would make life easier and a better experience for the Greeks.

“Housing makes the experience so much more,” Goodwin said.” Here we have to reserve the building and bring our things with us. Housing would definitely raise our numbers and improve the sisterhood.”

The Greek Report has made Western administrators think twice about the Greek community on campus. Willis hopes that the Greek community will become an opportunity for students to
grow and develop in positive ways. He does know that focusing on the Western’s Greek community, as a whole is what will enable the program to move forward successfully.
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