EIC greets growth with transparancy

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The most common question people ask me is: Why didn’t you go to Mizzou? As a journalism major, you’d think that I would want to attend the best school in the nation that just so happens to be in my state.

Going to Western, you could say that I took the road less travelled. As much as I hate Cliché’s though, I feel like Robert Frost was a Griffon.

Sure, I could have gone to Mizzou, walk a mile to sit in a class with over 200 students and all the professor knows is my student ID number. If a college degree were a product, then would a degree from Mizzou be worth less in the real world.

I mean, there’s more of them floating around. But, everyone reading this knows that college isn’t about that piece of paper that Dr. Vartabedian is going to hand us. It’s about more, something that can’t be written on a piece of paper, even this one.

What I’m saying is that at Western, my education is unique. I have gotten more out of my first year here, than I would have at any other school. I certainly have achieved more, but it’s not because I’m an extraordinary student.

At Western, there’s just a lot of room to grow. I mean, the campus is literally surrounded by green pastures and as campus grows, so do the students.

Western is in a unique period of change, Pax Griffona you could call it. We are in such a peaceful and prosperous era that the campus is constantly changing. In my first year I’ve seen 3 buildings pop out the ground.

Now, for a journalist, this time is very exciting. Any period of change is a wonderful opportunity for us to examine and report. But it’s also exciting for all students.

At no other school could you not only take the road less travelled, but you have the freedom to make this education your own. Take what you want from your classes, because not at all schools could you do that.

Like all good things though, they must come to an end. I fear that on that day; western will have become another Mizzou. With slightly bigger class sizes, more dorms, and even more students, the best of both worlds closes to a finish.

What does this mean for The Griffon News and you, our readers? I can’t tell you that The Griffon News will do everything to help facilitate growth, or even hinder.

I can’t tell you that we won’t miss some of the details. I can promise though, that our front page may as well be a front row seat to the best show on campus. So, all I can ask is that you keep reading.
Have a wonderful semester.

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