Comic Con 2010


One of the tenants of geekdom states that a geek must make a pilgrimage to the International San Diego Comic Convention. For me, this pilgrimage was made, and during one of the most exciting times in popular art.

Geekdom has never been more accepted, with over 125,000 people in attendance, SDCC was bigger than the county I grew up in (Platte County only has 88,000 residents.) Being surrounded by that many people, with similar interests can be comforting. Knowing that everyone is under the same roof to see the same panels and visit the same booths brings us all together.

With so many people at the convention center, seeing some of the panels was nearly impossible. One hall had people lining up at the wee hours in the morning, or if the panel was at night they would wait in line for six hours.

Still, the most astounding part of SDCC was how involved the entire city is in the event. Road signs were written in Klingon, secret Flynn’s arcades were opening up in the downtown of San Diego, and of course, local businesses capitalized on the event by passing out SWAG (shit we all get) with their business logo on it.

During the convention I spent most of my time in the exhibition hall, visiting various vendor booths. The hall was so large is was impossible for me to visit every single booth, but be assured, I did take as much swag as people were handing out.

My top three booths were probably the Capcom booth, Tron Legacy booth, and the Walking Dead booth.
The Capcom booth offered attendees a first look and even a chance to play some of their newest games. My personal favorite was Dead Rising 2. Thrashing hordes of zombies in a mock Las Vegas doesn’t get any better, and getting the autograph of the producer on an exclusive poster doesn’t hurt either.

The Tron Legacy booth was filled with new merchandise that will soon be released in November to draw even more attention to the movie. The real reason I enjoyed the booth though was because of the arcade that opened up in San Diego. Flynn’s was a recreation of the actual arcade in the new movie, where they set up the original prop from the first movie. As you were being digitized, you were directed down a hallway to the bar where one of the scenes takes place and the movie preview was on repeat.

Lastly, The Walking Dead booth was one of my favorite discoveries of the trip. I had heard of the comic series before, but never really gave it a good read. Now, AMC has picked up the universe and written a TV script. The first episode will be airing in October.

San Diego Comic-Con is a dream for geeks, much like Coruscant was a dream for young Anakin Skywalker, making the journey was probably easier for me though.

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