Board of Governors: First meeting of semester addresses hurdles for Western


The Board of Governors held their first meeting since school began September 23, and listened to members of Missouri Western’s administration give their reports.

After the minutes from the previous meeting were approved, Dr. Jeanne Daffron, provost and vice president for academic affairs, approached the microphone to give her report on the program review.

“We are proceeding with doing our internal review in anticipation of what the state is going to ask of us [for the program review],” Daffron said.
Daffron said that she will be attending a meeting in Jefferson City, and that Western should have a better understanding of what the state is looking for concerning the program review at that time.

Daffron also mentioned the enrollment numbers stating that the official number would be available on the university’s census date, September 28.

“We are a little over 6,100 students, we celebrated 6,000 but we can celebrate even more than that,” Daffron said.

Daffron said that the numbers indicate a seven percent increase in both enrollment and credit hours.

As Daffron stepped away from the podium, Mel Klinkner, vice president of financial planning and administration, took over to give the financial report.

Klinkner said that the budget for fiscal year 2012 has already been submitted to the Coordinating Board for Missouri Department of Higher Education. Klinkner also said that the revenue numbers for the state were down a little for August, and until those numbers improve we will likely continue on the downward trend for state funding.

Building projects were next on Klinkner’s list for discussion.

“It’s gotta stop raining, we always hate that at this time, we would like to see the sun out,” Klinkner said. “I can tell you that a lot of work has been done.”

Klinkner said the softball complex will be receiving sod this week and the facility is almost complete.

The Agenstine project is on track for the spring semester and the open date for January looks good at this time according to Klinkner. The site for the new residence hall is moving along, and according to Klinkner once the foundation is poured the project should move along quickly.

Esther Perález, vice president for student affairs, spoke about the reorganization of Student Affairs and how this would affect all students.

Perález spoke briefly about how this reorganization would affect student organizations, specifically like the non-traditional students.

“Rather than to have one director trying to serve nearly 25 percent of the students, now they’re going to have a whole division to educate these students,” Perález said.

Dr. Robert Vartabedian, president of Missouri Western State University, said that after recent discussions with the Gov. Jay Nixon, Western is headed towards an increase in tuition for the oncoming fiscal year.

“There is no way that we can look at cuts from 10-to-25 percent, which is what they’re talking about in Jeff City and not have at least a reasonable tuition increase,” Vartabedian said.

Vartabedian ended by attributing the Chief’s current winning streak to their training camp at Western this summer.

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