One-man Shakespeare Will Rock Campus

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Missouri Western State University will be presenting the work of a writer we all know and love, but with a different twist. It’s William Shakespeare like you have never known before.

Timothy Mooney will be performing two one-man plays, “Moliere than Thou” and “Lot o’ Shakespeare”, along with a bingo game. These are two of the greatest playwrights of the European Renaissance and Reformation. Mooney gives a hilarious performance, expressed brilliantly and performed with powerful techniques.

Moliere performs a “greatest hits,” that usually leads the audience to participate. Mooney, himself, plays Moliere and will take you through a sequence of beloved speeches that will leave you in tears, or laughing.

“Lot o’ Shakespeare” involves a piece from every Shakespeare play that Mooney has memorized. The performance will carry the audience through tragedy, comedy and history. Each play will have a single sentence scheme arrangement that takes off while the audience plays along, each with a one-of-a-kind “BINGO” (or “IAGO”) card.

Many people talk about what a great show this is going to be whether you like Shakespeare or not. Mooney has a way of hooking you and landing the catch.

Dr. Susan Hennessy is a French instructor here at Western and expressed her enthusiasm for what she knows will be an awesome show.

“Mooney is a very energetic actor who is all over the stage. He is very animated and has a lot of range to his voice,” Hennessy said. “He has a rubber face with many different expressions.”

Hennessy said Mooney has a deep understanding of the complex language and characters and this isn’t just a performance for those interested in Shakespeare; everybody can get involved and take something away from it.

Mooney, MFA (Directing), AFTRA, has given over fifty thousand students their first initiation of these fabulous plays. He continues presenting these plays across North America and teaches classical acting.

Don’t miss your chance to see Shakespeare portrayed the way Mooney delivers these classic works. It all happens Tuesday, September 21st at 7 p.m. in Kemper Recital Hall, Leah Spratt Building.

Everyone is encouraged to attend. Be prepared to laugh, cry and simply melt in your seat. Mooney is known for his explosive performance and unforgettable facial expressions.

The MWSU Foundation, the MWSU Honors Program, and the Alliance Francaise de Saint Joseph sponsor this performance.

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