Vartabedian, YES to Fall Break


For those students who wish they were still on spring break, Missouri Western has a message for you: you won’t have to wait until next spring for an entire week off of school anymore.

Starting next fall Western will cancel the Fall Midterm Break in favor of cancelling the Monday and Tuesday class days before the three-day Thanksgiving Break. By doing this, students will get the entire week of Thanksgiving off, which will now be known as Fall Break.

The proposal became policy on March 11 with the proposal being signed off by President Robert Vartabedian.

According to Jeanne Daffron, provost and vice president for academic affairs, the change was the result of a continuing conflict that arises with the Fall Midterm Break; that Friday ends up being the day right before Homecoming.

“We don’t want that to be a holiday because students like to go home on holidays but we want students and faculty to be here for homecoming,” Daffron said.

In order to solve the problem, Western’s Calendar Committee was asked to review the issue and make a recommendation to the Governance Advisory Council, a council comprised of faculty, staff and students who must review the proposal before sending it off to the president for final approval.

Susan Bracciano, registrar and the chair of the calendar committee, states that the committee began discussing the issue in early February. After considering alternate plans such as moving the Fall Midterm Break to another Friday in October, the committee came to realize that taking the entire week of Thanksgiving off made the most sense.

According to Daffron, the change makes sense first of all with regards to class days. The fall and spring semesters have always differed in terms of number of class days and with this change, there will be the exact same number of week days in each semester. Furthermore, Daffron explains that this will allow students the opportunity to travel, whether it be home for the holidays or to do a study away course.

“We hope that people will see [the overall proposal] as a positive thing and it does allow students to travel,” Daffron said.

Student Ryan Harrison counts himself as one of the many students who likes the idea of having a whole week off during the fall semester.

“It’s a way of balancing everything,” Harrison said. “If you get a week off during the spring, you should get a week off in the fall.”

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