Student government needs help speaking to people

Editorial Opinion

The Griffon News staff would like to thank the ten Missouri Western students that helped turn down the technology fee with a negative vote of 309-299. This failed vote is a wonderful message to our Student Government Association. Allow me to interpret for you; try harder.

This year’s student government has been an utter disappointment in representing the student body. While the technology fee was a very close vote, keep in mind that only 608 students voted, out of the 5000+ Western has enrolled. Only 12 percent of the student body thought the issue was worthy enough to vote on.
Now, the voter turnout doesn’t necessarily reflect the validity of the issue on the ballot. Perhaps the Technology fee would have had a positive impact on the campus as whole, but who knows.

Why were there no open forums held about this fee? Where were the e-mails informing the student body about the allegedly archaic technology that Western has now? And why was the recycling fee included with this issue?

These questions were all left in the dark as students cast their votes April 8. The only direct communication that the SGA had with the student body were a few ominous posters and banners posted around campus with vague bullet points. To top it off, more ominous pamphlets were posted in Popplewell discrediting the proposal. What does it say about a proposal when SGA senators are telling students to vote against it?

In the background of the mysterious political battles that shadowed the truth behind Western technology, something was forgotten and lost.

The voter turnout in this case doesn’t reflect the importance of the issue Western faces, but the lack of preparation on the SGA officers’ part. Given that every student uses the technology on campus, the voter turnout should have been higher, but as mentioned before—how many people were informed on this issue.

Any government, whether it is student or federal, must always have a direct line of communication open with the public at all times. The April 9 results reflect the diminishing communications between SGA and the student body.

The Griffon News would like to bring a word of warning to the upcoming SGA officers. Be active in your community and campus. Posters and banners can be interpreted as nothing more than propaganda. Student persuasion takes more than just getting us to vote, but understanding why we are voting.

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