Senior waves goodbye to Western

Commentary Opinion

My last semester has been a strange coda to my college career. 17 hours of upper division classes, an internship and helping run a college newspaper.
Needless to say, I haven’t slept in a while.

There has been one great lesson that has stuck with me this semester. I took a special topics English course for my literature requirement. The theme was “People, Place and Power” which, unintentionally, made me focus on my remaining time here. The class focused on the relationship between the three ideals and it posed the question to me about my place here at Missouri Western.

I’ve been comfortable here. I’m known amongst the students. I’ve worked in so many different aspects here whether it be with my fraternity, SGA, the Griffon News or my photography work with the local music scene. I’ve carved out a niche that I am proud of.

My grades weren’t always there and there were times that I wavered, but I always remembered my place and the power that I’ve got from here. That was my motivation. I always wanted Missouri Western to be as proud of me as I am of her.

Fellow students and future alum, I leave you with the following words. Enjoy your time here. Get involved with things that YOU want to get involved with. Find your place here and make sure that you feel comfortable with it. This is your orientation for the rest of your life.

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