Life lessons from non-traditional wisdom

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Tell me, what is the social norm? All my life I have made conversation with people I don’t know. I go to the grocery store, or a convenience store, and strike up conversation with people.
It doesn’t seem to go as well as it used to. More and more people look at you like there is something wrong with it. The saying, “Mean people suck and nice people blow,” has no bearing anymore. Frankly, most people just suck.

Sure, I’m a nice guy and always willing to make a new friend, and yes, I just said most people suck, but it’s true. It’s like society is nothing but a giant popularity contest. Look at the social networking going on. Face book has a nicest person contest, how ironic.

Just a few minutes ago a couple of girls were talking. I don’t know them real well, but they are as familiar with me as I am them. It’s Monday, and one of them said, “I can’t wait for this week to be over.” I was trying to give thoughtful response by saying, “Hey, cheer up it just got started and something great is coming your way this week.” One of those girls gave me the dirtiest look ever and both of them walked away without even acknowledging me. WTF! On more than this one occasion I can think of numerous outcomes like this.

I’m not real sure what’s going on anymore, but I know the world would be a better place if people would lighten up a little bit. I’ve stopped trying to fit this “social norm” thing. As a matter of fact, I’ve denied it completely and gone out of my way to be the opposite.

No one has a better relationship than I do. My girlfriend and I live a life of self entertainment. We do things just to make others talk because it’s so much effing fun. For example, one day we went to the thrift store and I decided to walk with a cane I had in my car. I didn’t need the cane I was just being silly and she went along with me. I was limping on the cane around the store looking at stuff when she walked by me real fast and kicked the cane out from under me. I faked a fall to the floor and started muttering things like, “You damn kids have no respect anymore.” There was an older lady close by just looking on in disbelief, but my girlfriend and I never cracked a smile until we left the store. Then we laughed so hard we were crying.

That doesn’t compare much to the time I wrapped myself up in a garbage bag by the curb and jumped out of it when the garbage guys came to pick it up. Everyone should try stuff like this and stop being so serious all the time. I can guarantee a memorable relationship. We still have great conversations and laugh about things we did a long time ago.

So go ahead, keep living with your pants in a wad trying to fit in this so-called perfect world. While you talk about how stupid you think we are being, we will be laughing about how much fun we are having not worrying about what you think.

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