Letter to the Editor: 04-29-2010

Letter to the Editor Opinion

In recent weeks, the Griffon News has published several articles belittling the last SGA Administration. This saddens me. My executive board worked around the clock throughout this last year, and I believe it is time to give credit where it is due. This year we:
-Created a parking, recycling, health, smoking, and technology committee. Each of these committees was ran by a student leader, and open to the entire student body.
-Held MWSU’s second largest Spring Concert: Puddle of Mudd.
– Increased organization unity and growth, and over doubled the number of participants in the SGA year end awards from last year.
-Helped fund and bring the national Resident Assistant Heartland Conference to MWSU’s campus.
-Doubled the amount of student forums held with Administration from last year.
-Over doubled the amount of legislation that went through SGA Senate from last year, and furthermore encouraged dissent in the Senate instead of groupthink.
-Organized a community service project called Murals for Minds that united the MWSU campus. The event’s planning committee consisted of over 6 independent organizations on campus. On Saturday April 10 & April 17 over 100 volunteers helped paint 13 murals on Mark Twain Elementary’s school walls.
-Created the first student written proposal in over a decade called the Technology and Recycling Fee to further advance technology and recycling initiatives on campus. (The students voted and the proposal failed. Does that make SGA a failure? No. If the students never got to vote, then SGA would have failed. If everyone voted one way, then SGA would have failed. But that was not the case. We gave students what we promised when we came in this year: a voice!)
SGA’s 2009-2010 Executive Board, Senate, RC, and WAC members should be very proud of themselves for their accomplishments this past year. I love each and every one of them, and hope they look past the last few Griffon News articles that have called SGA an “utter disappointment.”

I have a feeling this will be the last letter I’ll ever write to the Griffon News since I’m graduating very soon; so to everyone I’ve ever met or worked with at this University, it’s been a pleasure. The people at this school are amazing, and are going great places. It is awesome.
Joshu Todd
Former SGA President

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