I hate you all

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In truth I feel like you all need to have your first amendment rights stripped away from you. The old saying “if you don’t use it, you lose it” seems quite fitting.

In the five semesters that I have been an opinions editor I have practically begged to hear your voice in these pages and at most I got one or two letters to the editor a semester.

Oh, sure, people love to gripe and bitch when they are gathered in smoke circles and around the water cooler, but when given a chance to make their voices heard in way that might make a difference, suddenly mum is the word.

Well for me, the bird is the word and that is the bird I am flipping you all for your apathy and laziness. It is not like I haven’t shown that I will print nearly anything in the two pages I have reign over. I have rambled on an average of 2000 words a week and you have sat silent. I have professed a litany of things both profane and outrageous and you have played the mime.

Despite what people told me couldn’t be done, I did. I printed the word “Fuck” and the word “Cunt” and have made references to killing Albert Pugol and smashing infant heads with a hammer and sodomizing you with all sorts of common household implements. Yet still the silence carried on.

I was inspired in my first semester back to school as a non-traditional student by the words of Bob Bergland when he said that college newspaper writing would be the most free place I could find as a journalist due to the fact that we are not slaves to our advertisers. The first amendment being what it is, this meant I could write and print whatever I wanted. So I did.

It was you, the student body, who let me down. This could have been a great forum where intellect and dissent came together to find solutions to real world problems, but it didn’t.

I blame you. I know I certainly busted my balls bringing you the truth as it occurred to me, but instead of taking part you just sat silent.

That is why I hate you all.

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