Fear is untapped new fuel source

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If only cars ran on fear. There would be no gas worries, no inflation of prices, no damage to the environment, and it would also illustrate a government that makes good on its promise to do something beneficial for its people.

It was Thomas Jefferson who said “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.” Well, I hate to say it, but I’m pretty damn sure there’s a whole lot of fear floating around in these United States, 2010 edition. The people are worried, losing faith, and waiting for the Doomsday Clock to reach Midnight. We are also currently at a “Yellow” threat level, elevated, that is. On all domestic and international flights, the threat level is set at “Orange”, a color which easily radiates feelings of high insecurity.

Personally, I do not fear the terrorists. I fear the people in charge who decided that it would be best to label any organization with an ideology contrasting their own as a group of “terrorists”. What’s that? Oh, they’ve only gone so far as to extend that detrimental label onto Middle-Eastern extremists? Guess I’ve got nothing to worry about here, eh? The United States certainly doesn’t harbor any terrorist groups, using fear and mass confusion to dig their stakes into society, crippling them from within to instill control and gain power. Wait, what? Honestly, I’ve never heard of a more terrifying group of fear mongers than the United States government, using positively every tactic they can to keep people scared of the outside world and dependent on their corruption.

I really couldn’t believe that the so-called “threat level” was still stuck at elevated when I checked the Department of Homeland Security website today. It’s been years since we’ve fallen victim to a domestic attack, although there apparently have been attempts at destruction made by some of what I call “classic terrorists”, fooling around with their shoes on airplanes and such. Luckily, nothing those attempts amounted to nothing in the end. America has been very secure, for the most part.

September 11, 2001 proved to be the best tool to get people to cower in the basement, looking up to the strong government for a helping hand. What the people got instead was a list of crap they should go out and buy for protection, a steady stream of anti-middle-eastern news, and a color-coded chart to determine how scared you should be on any given day. It was as if the government was screaming “You know where you are? You’re in the Jungle, baby! Now you’re gonna diiiiiiie!”

The scary part of the government’s liberal use of words relating to terrorism is that they don’t pin down a certain group or organization as the enemy. It’s simply the “terrorists”. With a broad enemy label like that, anyone the government doesn’t like or any group that has conflicting viewpoints with those in charge could eventually be labeled terrorists. Don’t believe me? I remember a few years back, a bill entitled “H.R. 1955” or the “Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007” was going to start targeting United States citizens that could prove to be a threat against the status quo. Suddenly, if you expressed an opinion that asserted a distrust of the U.S. government, or maybe even just had a thought process like “Maybe I should get ready for when Uncle Sam turns the tables on us” you could be called a terrorist, arrested, and thrown into prison. The bill wasn’t reported on as much as you might expect, which simply reflects the power of government over the media.

If enough people knew about such a thing and cared, there would be a full-scale riot across America. Luckily, I don’t believe it passed, if that even matters. Regardless of if a bill like that was passed, it wouldn’t stop the CIA or FBI or whoever from kicking down your door in the middle of the night with a sleeper crew to keep your ass quiet.

Fortunately, that expresses the double sided coin of what Thomas Jefferson was saying about fear and the government. Clearly, the government is scared enough of its own people that it’s making moves to keep them down and out of the game. On the same token, the government fears this because the people are living in fear of the government. Apparently, based on Jefferson’s assumption, we are living in a sordid mixture of tyranny and freedom. Both sides of the conflict, the government itself and the mass of citizens can smell the terrible changes coming.

The funny part is that the government wouldn’t have to watch over its shoulder for an angry mob if it hadn’t cultivated all the excess fear in the first place. What I love is that those government employees who live among the public are also coming to distrust their bosses. A growing group of current soldiers, policemen, fire-fighters, and veterans are banding together in a group called the “Oath Keepers”, who pledge to uphold the Constitution, and disobey orders that they feel are unconstitutional or work against American citizens. Groups like this really illuminate the shit-storm we are heading into, but God bless them for it. I just pray that they last long enough before being thrown into prison for being “homegrown terrorists”.

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