Dedicated staff member goes beyond call of duty

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College can be a frustrating and confusing experience but Missouri Western State University (MWSU) has an employee that is always willing to lend a helping hand. Graduate Records Coordinator, Judy Chambers will answer any of your questions or send you to the right place to get your questions answered.

Judy mainly deals with processing graduation evaluations, grade changes, transcript requests, major/minor forms. She doesn’t hesitate to stop with her duties to interact with students who might need assistance. “I’m a people person.” Chambers said.
The MWSU board of governors awarded Judy an outstanding staff employee award in September of 2009 for her substantial dedication to the university. “It was a great honor to be recognized for my work.” Chambers said.

Judy talks to students about general graduation questions and concerns. “I try to help as much as I can , however, sometimes it is necessary to refer them back to their department advisor.” Chambers said.

Judy has several students that come into her office on a day to day basis. “I try the best I can to help students reach their goals.” Chambers said.

Freshman, Elfonso Dudley is enjoying his first semester at MWSU. “I really like that there are so many helpful people on the staff at MWSU,” Dudley said. “ Judy chambers is one of the many people that have helped steer me in the right direction.”

Registrar, Susan Bracciano has been working with Judy since 1997 and likes having Judy as part of the office team.

“Judy is very enthusiastic and compassionate about her work,” Bracciano said. “she takes her job seriously but at the same time, always has a smile.” Bracciano said.

Judy is one of three Records Coordinators. She is the work study supervisor of three students in the Registrar’s office. One of those students is Elementary Education Major, Taylor Aerhart. She works with Judy all the time and enjoys having her around.. “Judy is always laughing,” Aerhart said, “she always has a smile on her face and will answer any questions I have.

”Judy started out as a receptionist for the Admissions and Registrar’s Office at MWSU in May of 1995. She filled in for several co-workers which helped her in obtaining her current position as a Graduate Records Coordinator. She has been in this position since 2005.

Judy is a well know figure at MWSU and is always willing to lend a helping hand. She has shown her devotion to the university for approximately fifteen years.
Senior, Dane Vey has been at MWSU for awhile and often seeks assistance from staff.“Judy Chambers is the type of person that is always willing to help a student and point them in the right direction.” Dane Vey said.

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