Turnout high at career fair


Though the job outlook for soon-to-be graduates may be looking slim, there was a glimmer of hope for skeptical and concerned students last week at the career fair.

Dozens of employers surrounded the Fulkerson Center in hopes to recruit future employees, interns, or even just to provide more information about existing job opportunities.

The career fair is held as a part of Criminal Justice Week every year.

Sophomore Melissa Brundige, a nursing major, was browsing through the Fulkerson Center Thursday afternoon.

“Seeing what kinds of different jobs are hiring,” Brundige said. “I know that the Missouri Department of Corrections are hiring, I looked at that.”

Priscilla Mulak, a CS Specialist with the State of Missouri Department of Social Services Children’s Division, said the department hoped to provide more information for students about this particular field and was interested in recruiting interns.

She said they would accept psychology majors, students interested in social work, or any type of therapy degree.

“We do take education, also,” Mulak said.

Not only were businesses present at the fair, but colleges as well.

Brieanne Billie, the admissions and recruitment coordinator for UMKC, was looking for students interested in going to law school after graduation. Several students stopped by the booth to grab a pamphlet and talk to her about the possibility of attending.

“There have been a lot of students interested in law school,” Billie said.

Billie offered advice to students who are interested in attending.

“Study hard for the LSAT. Work hard to get good grades in a major that you really love,” she said.

Freshmen Kelly Armstrong and Kari Rapp decided to get a head start on their search for jobs by visiting Thursday’s career fair.

Armstrong, a nursing major, said she found several interesting booths.

Rapp—a Biology major—was surprised about the number of employers looking to hire.

“(And that) there’s this many businesses that are interested in finding college students,” she said.

Julie Case, an employment specialist at Heartland Health, offered positive feedback about the job outlook at Heartland.

“We generally always have several job openings available,” Case said. “These range from support services on up to higher level positions.”

Case said applicants are directed to Heartland’s website.

“We’ve had some interested parties, and we’re always happy to meet the students at Missouri Western.”

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