College columnist sees double vision

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This is the future. It begins now. 2010 is the year when the future really began. The shock of living in a new century has worn off and now we realize that we are on the first building steps of the next one. The 21st century is not turning back now. This is the year that we get to choose the red or blue pill.

Last year around this time I tried to delve into various forms of media submersion and psychedelics in an attempt to try and tell what 2009 had in store for us. Wasn’t that far off, but I wasn’t right either.

For 2010, the year of the tiger, I will not be so haughty as to try and predict the immediate future. However, I will say that we are clearly in a time of change and choice, and the choices we make now will affect changes that will be tremendously felt further down the road. So this year I will predict the outcome of two paths that end in the year 2050. These are the paths of the far left and far right.

On one hand we have a path before us that runs to too far right. But where does it end? I am not certain where it ends; most likely in nuclear devastation when you consider how much firepower is out there. But here is where I see it taking us by 2050.

The great wall of America stands 100 feet tall and stretches across all of the southern border and most of the north. The National Citizens Registry tracks all its accounts through peoples’ headphones. There is no privacy anymore. In fact, the word privacy doesn’t even exist. There are little taxes but the national government provides no services outside of national defense. The military machine is mighty. The free market reigns over all and the human soul is traded like stocks and bonds. Anything you want can be bought but if you don’t have the cash, no one cares.

The road on the far left still passes the 2050 milepost and here is what I think that looks like; the one world union has stripped people of the idea of competition nationalism and fat people have been eliminated through years of a regimented eugenics program. The government takes care of your needs for sustenance and everyone has a place in the great machine. Bad words have been eliminated and so has free thought. People no longer think of themselves as individuals and work for the great hive mind. Conformity is the essence of life.

In both of these futures, one thing stands common: the rich get richer and the poor stay poor.

I say screw both the left and the right and blaze on forward into the center of the future.

I think it is time for us to look at the choices we have before us and realize that this bi-partisan bullshit is not working well. We are too big of a country now for just two ways of working. And no matter if we are ready or not, change is coming and the question has to ask if we as a people want to have our future set for us by two dueling cocks in the capitol.

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