Chiefs Facility behind due to weather

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Even with the harshest winter in recent history the Chiefs Facility continues to progress and even though temperatures continue to drop the Facility continues to go up.

Brett Esley, assistant athletics director, said that depending on whom a person talks to, they still say that they are about five weeks behind.

“I think that most construction folks, especially in the Midwest, know what our winters are like. The key thing is once they get it enclosed, they can work all the time,” Esley said. “I feel good about it, as well as most people do, that it will be ready to go on time, at least usage wise, for what the Chiefs are going to need.”

The cold weather is having an effect on the outside workers—especially the roof construction workers strapped to the building. A lot of times the construction workers are not able to work under the freezing point, depending on the windshield factor. The large pieces of sheet metal are difficult to handle in the wind.

Sports Information Director Trevor Berneking said that he trusts the weather should not affect the completion date of the facility.

Photo by Ryan Richarson

“I don’t think it’s going to be pushed back because it has a set date to be done by,” Berneking said.

Crossland Construction Co., Inc, the general contractor for the indoor practice facility, has not changed their commitment in any way, but the weather has pushed back some of the sub contractors and the pace at which they most work and their work schedule.

Dave Williams, Western’s athletic director, said that he is looking forward to the end result of the Chiefs facility.

“They are commited to do everything in their power to get it done on time which means turning over the facility to us in time for the Chiefs to have their camp here in July,” Williams said.

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