Local businesses offer special savings for students


In last Monday’s SGA Senate meeting, senators discussed the Student Savings Club which is different discounts offered in St. Joseph that students can take advantage of by presenting their Griffon ID.

At various businesses, anywhere from restaurants, car repair shops, book stores, salons, sporting events and even golf courses, students can present their Griffon ID and get discounts ranging from a percentage off their total purchase, businesses having a specific college night, or having some sort of buy one get one free deal.

However, other students were having difficulties obtaining discounts and others weren’t even honoring the student discounts. Joshua Todd, president of SGA, explains that the program is still relatively new.

“We are going to see a lot of problems in the beginning,” Todd said.

He goes on to explain that if students are still being denied these discounts, they are to notify a senator so that the SGA can make sure Students Savings Club is doing their part in negotiating deals with different companies.

Also in the meeting, it was brought to attention that students were unaware of the savings program, prompting SGA to make over 1,500 flyers and to create a Facebook group to spread the word. Pierce Karguth, SGA senator who is involved in the program’s publicity explains that students can go to SuperSavingsClub.com to see what is offered.

“There’s about 40 companies on the website; the website comes with directions on how to get there and what the discount is,” Karguth said.

Businesses are also noticing that students are unaware of their discount. Manager of Ground Round Marcia Hayes explained that they get about 50-75 people a week that take advantage of its 10 percent off student discount.

“If more people knew, it would definitely help business,” Hayes said. Hayes has even advertised the student discount herself through the local paper and the internet.

“If we can get the word out it’d be great,” Hayes said.

Another restaurant, 54th Street Bar and Grill, were also noticing that students were unaware of their 10 percent off student discount. The manager at 54th Street Bar and Grill, said he gets about a handful of people asking for the discount each week.

“We even have a special button on the register for that discount,” he said. “We barely use that special button.”

Some discounts offered by businesses are not just exclusive to students but are available to every customer. For example, Borders Books offers their FREE awards program for 20-40 percent off purchases. Another example is Rib Crib’s Tuesday night all you can eat ribs. Even though these discounts are for everyone, students can definitely take advantage.

The Student Savings Club program may seem to have its problems being new to Missouri Western, but once word gets around how much students can save, the program will help students save and help business grow.

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