End is in sight

Editorial Opinion

Now is the time of the semester when there should be wandering breaded man with sandwich board signs that say “the End is Nigh” walking the campus. Because this is when the race cars reach the final stretch and then finals are upon us. Are you ready? Because the end is truly nigh and there is no stopping it.

This is the time when projects that have been put off all semester long come due. This is the time when all that make up work that has been stacking high needs to be complete. It is the time when reaping what you sow becomes more than just a clichéd metaphor.

For some there are only three weeks left, others it is four, either way with the frantic pace of college life that is really nothing more than a few blinks and yawns and this curtain is coming down. The final scene has began but are all the actors in their places? Are you?

For many students these days, the natural instinct and tendency is to put off for tomorrow what could be done today. Why work so hard when there is still so much fun to be had and still plenty of time to buckle down in the next few weeks? It all goes back to that old fable about ants and grasshoppers. Here is a recap for those of you who don’t remember it. The ants worked hard all autumn to be ready for the coming winter while the grasshopper played. When winter came, it wasn’t such a good time to be a grasshopper. Well, the first snows have fallen on the river valley that encompasses Missouri Western State University.

The problem with procrastinating at this time is that it creates a bottle neck effect of work in your life that could double the stress you have to endure. All of your classes have something that has to be done well at the end and they all usually come due in the same period of time, a time when you should be studying for your final exams. Instead of methodically tackling one project at a time and getting them out of the way most students just wait until the end and then face the Herculean task of academically cleaning the Aegean stables. This is how kids crack.

So this semester, spare yourself the headache. Buckle down now and put your head into the wind as you finish your final yards in this race called education. It doesn’t have to be a mad house; it doesn’t have to be a final sprint. You could just keep up the stride and cruise through the finish line with good marks and your head held high. The choice is yours, just remember that the end is nigh.

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