Candidates for Craig School dean come to Western

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Carol Roever, the Craig School of Business dean, is retiring at the end of the year. The Craig School began a search for a new dean at the beginning of the semester, and that search is coming to its final stages.

Cynthia Heider chairs the committee that works through the process of choosing the dean.

“After Ms. Roever indicated that she would be retiring, we quickly put together a description of our campus, our community, the requirements of the position and then placed that in the [Business Education] journal,” Heider said.

The committee initially had 58 applicants for the position. The committee of eight faculty members narrowed it down three candidates.

Heider says the decision to narrow it down to three candidates was very difficult.

“Very well qualified individuals and we’re just very delighted about the response we received from the posting,” Heider said. “Again, it was a look at what was the best fit for Missouri Western.”

The last three candidates will have separate days where they will be flown into St. Joseph to meet students. The selection committee also included the different business related student organizations to meet the candidates.

Michael West, advisor for Students in Free Enterprise, had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Ernest Hall, the first of the candidates to come to Missouri Western’s campus.

“I am interested in the intangibles related to interpersonal skills and what might shape the candidate’s strategic direction for the [Craig School of Business],” West said. “For example, Western’s mission is somewhat unique in that we emphasize applied learning; I want to get a sense of how the candidate can hold true to that mission while simultaneously pursuing greater research and publication requirements that come with university status.”

Heider also believed that the new dean should have the ability to communicate well to students and faculty about the goals of the Craig School of Business.

Roever leaves some parting advice to whomever gets the position she leaves open in retiring in the spring.

“Appreciate the great opportunity that you have to provide leadership in an academic unit that is committed to creating unique opportunities for our students,” Roever said. “Many constituencies outside the School of Business support our program:  the University community, our Advisory Council and our donors including our benefactor Steven L. Craig.”

The last of the interviews was conducted on Wednesday and the chance for students to meet the candidates has passed.

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