University has opportunity to guide in choppy waters

Dear Mr. President, I have been very impressed with the work you have done to improve the university both in function and in form. I am particularly impressed with how many more international students have taken to calling Missouri Western State University their new home. This is something you stated as a goal and then went and made happen. Impressive. You are definitely a happening kind of guy. Since you have a way of making things happening, I write you this letter about something I think needs to happen. I think there needs to be more help out there for non-traditional students to get back in school. For those kids in high school, it is easy. There are multiple hands helping one along because that is what you are supposed to do after high school: go to college. But for some people, life didn’t time itself that way. I have heard it said that if you do not go to college fresh out of school, then there is less of chance that you ever will go. Maybe that would not be true if there was more help to get into school for those who missed the boat the first time around. With the tough economic times, more people are supposed to be turning to higher education. With all the stress of already living in the adult world, does getting back into school have to be another great challenge? It just seems to me that there are probably lots of lost sheep out there looking for a shepherd to find them. I think you could make a great shepherd. Thank you for your time Dan Donan P.S. That donating your raise deal: pretty cool in my book.

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