Swine flu less concerning than regular flu to one student

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Am I the only one who is sick of this swine flu hype and seeing people conned and strong-armed into taking dangerous vaccines by an establishment that stands to profit from the fear that they themselves created? If you’re worried about this flu, stop to put things into perspective.

The Centers for Disease Control reports that 37,000 Americans die of normal influenza annually, yet only 10,000 worldwide have died of the novel swine flu. With a global death toll estimated at anywhere between 250,000 and 500,000, that makes the normal flu at least 25 times more deadly than the swine flu you’ve been programmed to fear so much.

More than thirty years ago, Americans were encouraged to get jabbed en masse for a coming outbreak of swine flu. Known officially as the 1976 swine flu outbreak for a time, it’s now referred to as the “swine flu debacle.” At least 525 people that received the swine flu vaccine developed the paralyzing Guillain-Barré syndrome, and at least 25 of them died from the disease. But the benefits outweigh the risk—right? Well, the swine flu only killed one person back then, making the vaccine at least 525 times deadlier than the disease itself.

So why are swine flu shots being pushed again? There’s an old Latin saying, “cui bono,” which is the next question. The people vaccinated in ‘76 sure received no benefit, unless never having to work again because you’re wheelchair-bound for life counts. But, I’m sure the pharmaceutical company that made the swine flu vaccine made some good coin though. I wonder how much cash they’ll make from their next swine flu debacle.

I’ve heard it said in the news that the vaccine will be safe this time though. Europe and other countries have already begun giving the swine flu vaccine just weeks before we did, and they have assured their people of its safety. In fact, the U.K. Department of Health called it “extremely irresponsible” for people like me to suggest otherwise, and a spokesman noted that “40,000 doses of the vaccine which the swine flu vaccines are based on have been given without any safety concerns.”

I know some may think it sounded like the British health department was assuring the safety of the current swine flu vaccine, so I should probably translate the spokesman’s newspeak into plain English. If you look closely at his cryptic newspeak, you see he was actually speaking of a different vaccine that’s nowhere close to the vaccine you’ll get this Fall—and that the only guinea pig they’ll test that particular vaccine on is you.

And notice the fact that they say the vaccine was “given without any safety concerns.” They’ve just told you right to your face that they don’t care if their vaccine is safe—and I’m the one that’s “extremely irresponsible” am I?

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