Student still worries about food options

Commentary Opinion

I am 18 years old, fresh out of high school. I just moved to Missouri Western from hours away. I don’t have a job, don’t have very much money, no car and I don’t know anyone. I am getting the hang of this thing called “college life” then Labor Day weekend fast approaches. To my dismay, all the food vendors are closed for the weekend. No food on a three-day weekend!

What is a student to do in such a situation? Starve? The cafeteria was open, but only with odd hours that weren’t convenient for everyone. If I couldn’t make it to the cafeteria in time, the food court and commons are closed then what? I am screwed. The only other option is to go off campus.

Missouri Western is known as a commuter campus. Everyone commutes because there is no food on campus during the weekend. The commons store was built for convenience. It would be convenient to get some snack food, laundry detergent or other items I might need on the weekend. The commons store is closed so I’ll have to go off campus or wait until Sunday night along with hundreds of other people.

I have wondered whom to blame on the lack of providing food on the weekends. Students can complain to Aramark, but, in order to solve the problem, there must be a solution. I understand that the weekend is the time to sleep in and be lazy, so no one wants to work. People need to eat on the weekend. How can we resolve this stressful problem? I know that no wants to hear it, but maybe students are to blame. Hear me out; students could work on the weekends. Earn some extra cash, eat some food and save on gas from leaving campus.

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