President, cabinet hosts second open forum

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Missouri Western’s President, Robert Vartabedian, will be having his annual question and answer forum on November second where students can attend and speak their mind.

Except this time, Vartabedian will be having his cabinet with him during the Q & A session to also answer questions that students have concerning the university.
“I thought it might be helpful for the university community, particularly students, to meet some of the front line administrators. I don’t even know if they know who the vice president for academic and student affairs is… ”

The two topics that Vartabedian believes that students will be the most concerned about are the parking issues and housing.

“We have long wait list initially for student housing and eventually we dealt with that and we had some problems with parking early in the semester now I think things have sorted out okay.”

Vartabedian has held forums like this in the past with a small turnout. Last year, only forty students attended.

“There wasn’t a huge number of students there, but they were asking good questions,” Vartabedian said.

Recently elected Student Government Association Senator Jacob Scott believes students should attend the Q&A with Vartabedian and cabinet.

“This is a great opportunity to inquire about specific areas Dr. Vartabedian talks about,” Scott said.

Scott said that the main concern that the SGA has for Vartabedian is unifying the university and the community in St. Joseph.

SGA president Josh Todd also believes that students should attend the forum to become acquainted with the administrative staff.

“It’s important to know what’s going on and if you don’t know to find out,” Todd said. “That’s we’re allowing students to ask these questions gives the ability to get out there and truly understand the background of some of the issues that they might have questions about.”

SGA senators will be able to participate in this forum and will be asking what Vartabedian and his cabinet plan to bring the campus and the local community together.
“We want to bring MoWest to the community and unify the student government,” Scott said. “Most students don’t realize that WAC, the residence council, and SGA are all one body.”

On the other hand, Todd believes that every student has a separate concern and that the forum will allow students to voice those concerns.
“The issues I hear about are smoking, parking, housing…but there are issues that students have, topics they want to talk about that I don’t get to hear everyday,” Todd said.

Vartabedian believes that it is important for students to attend the Q & A to become more informed on key issues facing the administrative staff.
“If they have questions or frustrations or concerns or if they have good things they want to talk about it’s a great forum to air those,” Vartabedian said.

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