Population control


Whenever I watch “Capote” and arrive to the end where they hang Dick and Perry, I can’t help but feel a little sad that two people are now dead. At the same time, I also feel a little comforted. I am sure that many people have these feelings too, and I hope that I can make sense of them.

First off, laws are laws. They hold social norms for society, and without them, we wouldn’t have a society. We would literally have an endless concrete jungle, but how do we punish lawbreakers?

I don’t, and never have believed that deterrence is a legitimate argument for the death penalty, because no punishment can truly deter crime, especially a crime as severe as murder. There are other reasons why I support the death penalty and that is eugenics.

When people hear the word ‘eugenics’ they either think of Star Trek canon or Adolf Hitler. I do not support the Übermensch like Hitler does because he took Nietzsche and Darwin completely out of context. What we do have to remember though, is that as a population, we have to keep ourselves in check.

The human race is constantly growing and has never stopped. Ever since the medical advancements of the 20th century, we have kept fornicating and fornicating.

So, if we must kill people, why not kill those who kill? Now, on basis, this idea is good. I do indeed recognize the problems with our current system. Innocent people have been put to death in the past, but remember, gubs don’t kill dinos, dinos kill dinos.

We cannot blame the instrument for the user’s mistake. That is all the death penalty is: an instrument for population control.
Should we assess if people on death row can be rehabilitated? Absolutely. Our prison system has never been about helping people but just a place to keep undesirables.

Take Charles Manson for instance. I know that he doesn’t have any chance of getting out on parole, so what’s the point of him being in prison? To eat my tax dollars or free labor for the government?

I truly believe that Dick and Perry, given some psychiatric help, could have been rehabilitated. We could have put them back into society as productive members, and they would have been a true success story. Yes, murder is wrong, but that doesn’t make people any less human. We should always try and help out fellow men, and then, if they are broke beyond repair, we put them down, plain and simple. Human beings are animals and when an animal has reached past its usefulness, we kill it. Sometimes we eat it, but I am in no way supporting the events of “Soylent Green” to ever come true.

I don’t know who should decide who should die and who should live. In a perfect world, it would be up to the community: a trial by your peers. All I know is that if we don’t keep our population in check through instruments like the death penalty, contraceptives and mandatory family numbers, mother nature is going to fight back.

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