Less parking means more cars stalking

Editorial Opinion

So campus officials think that the parking dilemma is over. The overflow parking area was shut down Monday morning and students were advised via e-mail that “Parking spaces are available in the hard surface parking lots to accommodate all vehicles,” by the MWSU Physical Plant.

If this were true, then why were there still at least ten cars parked on the grass Monday afternoon? At the beginning of the semester, students were warned to arrive at school 15-30 minutes before their classes begin. This is not necessary because the only way to find a parking spot is to hope to catch someone leaving after their class gets out at 10 minutes until the half or the hour.

The parking lots have been filled with stalker cars. It is almost a guarantee that every student who drives to campus has at one point imitated a buzzard, circling the parking lot of their choice for their prey: a leaving vehicle.

It’s surprising that more accidents have not occurred from the recklessness that these cars exhibit as they race to be the first close enough to a wandering student who has chosen the vehicle they will depart campus in. Some car scenes are similar to old-fashioned western standoffs as two cars approach a victim from opposites sides and the first to turn on their flashers receives the space. What’s fun to see is the disappointment on the faces of both the drivers when the pedestrian keeps walking into another row where a different car is already waiting, and hoping for a lucky break.

Students should get used the stalker cars looming over them as they head through the parking lots, at least until parking solutions are made. Do try to be considerate. Remember if it were you in the car running late for class, you’d get pretty upset at the girl who has to fix her make-up in the rear-view mirror before she leaves her parking stall.

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