Going green not worth the sacrifice

Commentary Opinion

I hate the whole green movement. This may not make me very popular in today’s political climate. I don’t care. I have no desire to play a game of Bullshit with people who think they are playing Truth or Dare. No one is really that concerned about re-greening the earth, not really. Sure, a vague concept floating around the periphery of the mind called the green movement exists, and lots of people support it, but it is all just sound and fury signifying nothing. Very few people are really willing to make the sacrifice necessary to undo the damage that industry, capitalism, and progress have created.

The simplest proof of this is in our front yards. A good neighbor is still determined by how neat and trim they keep their yards. In California alone, there is a massive use of water going to the sole purpose of watering the grass in yards that shouldn’t exist in such an arid environment anyway. Once this grass reaches a certain height, the owners of said property go out and mow it down. What was the point? If we really were interested in greening the world up, then we would just let the damn grass grow. But that would be unsightly.

When it comes down to it we are really too concerned with comfort and aesthetics to embrace a truly green lifestyle. Think about cars. We love cars, and while we may be finding ways to make cars more green, we avoid the idea of using animals to get us around again. Horseback takes a long time and it is hard on the rump. Zeppelins take too long to get from point A to point B and have a habit of bursting into flame. The fact is technology and progress just are not green things. No matter how we work to make them green, there is still some impact that is made on the environment around it.

It is all about how much compromise we can tolerate. Cars kill more people every year than swine flu, but we are not making people give up their keys. If a medicine had the same death rate as automobiles, then it would be yanked from the market. But no, we want our wheels. We are willing to turn our heads and accept a little sacrifice.

The truth is that to live green, we would still be running around playing “me Tarzan, you Jane,” while wearing loincloths and picking the flees from each others hair. The strong would survive and the weak would be wiped out. We wouldn’t have houses or game-stations or toilets or old people or cars or beds or phones. I am cool with that. Are you? I would miss the old people.

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