Future housing contemplated as numbers max at 1,110

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For the past four years the number of residential students that have chosen to call Missouri Western their home has continued to grow.

This year, the number sets an upward trend for the university at 1,110 residential students as of the fourth week of the semester.

To meet this number Residential Life modified a mojority of the super single suites to fit two residents. Sean O’Reiley, assistant director of residential life, commented on the University’s growth.

“We have seen a slow and steady rise, especially in the last three years,” O’Reiley said. “If you really dig down into the numbers, you see that sophomores, juniors and seniors are returning year after year.”

Since the occupancy numbers have been increasing, administrators are looking to expand the housing facilities on campus. President Robert Vartabedian commented on the growth of Missouri Western and how it will affect campus housing.

“I think, definitely, an expansion is on the table,” Vartabedian said, “It’s not if we’re going to expand; it’s a matter of how and when we’re going to expand.”

To assess the Greek life on campus, the university is having a consultant visit campus. The consultant will look into the possibility of Greek housing. The consultant will be on campus during the first week of November.

“[The consultant will be] also looking at how feasible it is for us to talk in terms of a possible Greek village and, if so, when?” Vartabedian said.

As far as feasibility, the university has 744 acres. The real concern is the budgetary needs of expansion.

“We would just have to do a financial risk assessment if we wanted to do something like that,” Vartabedian said. “We wouldn’t want to do something like that if our need for residential halls has lessened,” Vartabedian said.

The university is currently still deciding what route to take as far as expansion, but they anticipate that it will be complete as late as the fall semester of 2011.

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