Effort to clean up butts goes smoothly

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I thought this story would have certainly been newsworthy, or at least have been featured in some way, but I do know it was important to let others know about the hard work and effort a few good people on campus put forth to protect everyone.

Look around campus: especially between Eder Hall and Murphy Hall. There are no more cigarette butts littering the ground because on Sept. 26, 2009, a few of the strong, proud non-traditional students and their kids got together on this Saturday morning to clean up the mess. There were even a couple of student spouses who don’t attend Missouri Western State University who got down on their hands and knees and picked these butts off the ground by hand.

Not only did it look terrible but it was also an attempt to protect our smoking rights on campus. Smokers should appreciate this effort and do more to respect nonsmokers.
It took almost three hours to clean these messes and it should be everyone’s responsibility to keep it that way. Several jokes were made between us about how littered the ground was with butts when there were ashtrays right next to the messes, how ridiculous.

This idea came from several concerned students and discussed within the Non-Traditional Student Association as a cleanup project. Former president of the NTSA, Amanda Daly, was the only active member involved in what was truly a productive movement in the better interest of the school for smokers and non-smokers alike.

Student Senator Mark Linebaugh and his wife Tanya were both deeply involved in helping. Mark has been a strong voice in trying to protect our rights.

Daly is largely responsible for putting everything together. She got the supplies and gave her best effort recruiting help for the project. Her kids were of great help as well.

It had rained the previous night so working conditions were awkward but everyone knew the importance of what was trying to be accomplished.

Deanna Sedlock is also a student here at Western and she got right down in the mud, along with kids, and gave it hell.

We took our personal time on a Saturday morning to do this. We have kids, jobs and other responsibilities that most other students do not have, but we did it for the sake of everyone at Western whether you smoke or not. We made the sacrifices in our personal lives to make this happen. We would appreciate everyone to be more considerate about where his or her spent cigarette butts are being disposed of.

We did our part to help protect the interest of others and ourselves.

Be courteous to non-smokers and show respect for the rights you temporarily have, because, if things keep going the way they are, you can say goodbye to smoking anywhere on the Western campus.

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