Department of Higher Education hosts Q and A on state budget

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The Department of Higher Education will be coming to Missouri Western on Nov. 10 at 3 p.m. to deliver a PowerPoint presentation concerning the state budget and how it affects Missouri Western. After Paul Wagner delivers his presentation, students and faculty will be able to ask questions concerning the presentation.

Currently, Missouri Western is facing a small budget crisis as expenses for the university have been increased but revenue has not.

Beth Wheeler encourages students and anyone involved at Missouri Western to attend Paul Wagner’s presentation at Spratt Hall.

“Sometimes, it’s very different audiences,” Wagner said. “It depends; sometimes it’s just faculty, sometimes it’s the entire university. When I went to Maryville, there were approximately 200 people in the audience.”

Wagner looks forward to coming to St. Joseph to deliver his presentation and inform the students on the budgetary problems.

“We hope that students, faculty, staff, administrators, out board members and citizens from the community will come and hear the presentation aim to have a better idea of what is going on with our education not just in our state, but specifically at Missouri Western,” Wheeler said.

After the presentation, Wagner will have a question and answer forum for students to ask question regarding the state budget and its impact on Missouri Western.
“About 45 percent of the revenue for the university comes from state revenue,” Wheeler said. “The other comes from tuition and interest rates from other investments.”

President Robert Vartabedian also recognizes the effects that the recent downturn in the economy is having on the university in respects to revenues and expenses.
“My sense is that at the very best we will have another flat budget year,” Vartabedian said. “But, of course, when the budget is flat because our costs increase, it’s not really flat; we’re actually being cut from the previous year.”

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