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Are you hungry? Are you tired of the deli in Popplewell or the hot dog cart in Agenstein Hall? Got some time before your next class? Well why don’t you make a journey over to the food court in Blum Union and pick up something over there. Before you dismiss that notion because of the long walk it entails, hear us out first.

If you have not discovered yet this semester, the food court has gone under a major renovation over the summer and it has been for the better for the students and faculty.

Initially, we thought that Aramark winning an extension on their contract with Western last spring was a bad move and that a new company might have brought a better selection. When we got back this fall, we were surprised with the renovations they did with the food court area. With the new additions of the Burger Studio, Caliente and coolers full of pop, water, and other types of drinks, Aramark are redeeming themselves.

Photo | Marty Ayers
Photo | Marty Ayers

Most probably won’t remember the Montague’s Deli sandwich station, but that station represented how it was back then before the changes: dull, boring and not a real good place to go hang out or even to eat.

Things started to slowly change when Aramark and the school added Quiznos in the fall of 2006 and the student government helped in the cosmetic renovations of the sitting area of the food court. These changes were a good start, but it took three more years for the food court to be a stellar place. However, the wait has been worth it.

One of the knockout hits has been the Burger Studio replacing Grille Works. The biggest difference, it seems, between these two (besides the touch screen order kiosks) is the quality and taste of the food. It is almost at par or above par with most fast food spots in St. Joe.

It seems like there has been this love/hate relationship with Aramark and what they provide to the campus. With the additions they have added in the court, that relationship has improved quite a bit. With the new food court selection, Aramark is proving themselves worthy of the new contract they received last spring.

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