Black waters of capitalism drowning us all


Dear Madame President of Pepsico,

How do you sleep with yourself at night? I am sure you do it on a very expensive, very comfortable bed, but all the same, how do you settle in knowing all the harm and evil the corporation you run creates? How do rest your head on a pillow when you might be responsible for a world that is getting fatter and fatter? It might be because your purse is so heavy that carrying it around just really tuckers you out.

At this point I am sure you are thinking, “what great evils am I in charge of? I have broken no laws.” It doesn’t take a broken law for evil to happen. The most insidious crimes are the kind that no law has ever even been written for. The worst crimes are the ones that no one realizes are a crime at all. This is the kind of evil I attribute to you.

I can remember as far back as three years old being given a soda to go with my dinner. Of course, I would fall in love with that sweet syrupy taste. Then, growing up and being bombarded with commercials telling me how great your product is, commercials designed to make me want to drink more, I couldn’t help but to want more and more. Now, I am a fat man in my late 30’s and I have trouble going a day without filling a 44 oz. styrofoam cup with the sickly sweet nastiness that is Pepsi.

I look around at a world of people getting fatter and fatter every year. I know I can’t blame it all on your product, but I also cannot excuse you from being part of the obesity equation. This is not just a matter of will any longer. This falls full well into the realm of addiction. The perfect product keeps people wanting more. How is it acceptable by any standards that getting kids addicted is all right with anyone?

When faced with a future of increasing diabetes rates and a market where it is cheaper to get a can of Pepsi than it is to get a bottle of water or juice, I can’t help but to want to curse your name just a small bit. Maybe it is time for the black waters of capitalism to be damned up before we all drown in higher health care costs. Knowing that no one will do that, all I can do is write you this letter and ask you; How do you sleep at night?

Dan Donan

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