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I attended the comedy show this past Saturday with my 11-year-old and 14-year-old sons, Chase and Jerrod. I knew there would be subject matter to the performance but not at the level it was. I will start with me in this opinion. As a single parent, I do my best trying to raise my kids. Every day of their lives they will be exposed to inappropriate subject matter, but I would rather that exposure come to them under my guidance where I can answer their questions of concern and provide them intelligent, thoughtful responses. I have seen both of these comedians perform on TV and that experience was nothing like the experience in Potter Hall last Saturday. Ant called me out on my parenting skills by asking my boy how old he was. Then, he asked me what kind of parent I was for bringing my child to a performance like this. In the same moment, he called my boy on stage and paid him $20 to say the “MF” word. Then, he asked my boy several times if I beat him. My boy said “No” each time, but Ant called him a liar.

My son is not a liar and neither have I ever beat my child. To question my parenting skills and pull a stunt like that was contradiction in its own skin. How can a homosexual question my parenting skills when it is obvious he will never be a parent? Do the math. One penis + one penis = a reproduction level of nil. I’m glad he is proud to be gay and I have nothing against gay people. However, I do have something against all the racial slams on audience members he was dishing out. He bashed blacks, Mexicans and Jews. I have a problem with both comedians using the “F” word and the “MF” word in literally every sentence of everything they said.

It is not necessary to make someone laugh. Talk about inappropriate, Ant made comments to audience members like, “Shut up, or I will come down there and stick my balls in your mouth.” Gee, that’s hysterical. Could you call this sexual harassment when he made this comment to a male audience member on more than one occasion? I was very disappointed with the way Ant belittled our university. He made several comments that it must be easy to get into our school considering we were all stupid. He disgraced our state flag by making fun of it. His crotch grabbing and simulation of oral sex with the microphone was disgusting and uncalled for. Quite a few audience members walked out on this performance and with good reason.

It may have not been the best decision on my behalf to have taken my kids to this comedy show, but I wouldn’t change a thing. A lot of the subject matter turned into conversation and questions with my kids at home allowing me to appropriately address these issues. I know for a fact that I was not the only person who found the material distasteful. There are so many things to laugh at in the world. It doesn’t take a cuss word in every sentence, and it doesn’t have to be so nasty. Ant? More like piss- ant if you ask me because he certainly pissed some people off. That is not funny.

I would like to note I made my son donate the twenty to breast cancer.

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