Private health care view


As college students, I assume that the majority of readers have visited a license bureau. The long lines and never-ending forms seem like trivial things once you finally license your car. Your life goes on. Imagine though, if the government ran health care like they do any business.

American health care is the best in world. We have the longest average life span and the most recent medical technology. Why would we want to change any of this? Making health care a government enterprise is counter-productive to the medical advances that we have made in the past twenty years.

Here’s a quick scenario; an old woman is dying of cancer. She has been terminal for three years. Unfortunately, the tumors are not shrinking and the cancer keeps growing. The insurance company informs her family that her policy only allows for a maximum of $5 million of life-time health care, and that she has reached it. Now imagine if instead of the insurance company, it was the government.

Historically speaking, Americans would not tolerate this. The government should never regulate free enterprise, especially one that deals in the health of citizens.

Yes, health care costs are very expensive, but we do have the best in the world. Health insurance companies can be malicious and greedy; it is one of the disadvantages to capitalism. Our government’s job is to regulate these corporations, not control them. If the government becomes the corporation, who is there to regulate?

A better solution would be also to regulate pharmaceutical companies from unjustly selling their products to the United States at a higher price than other countries. This is why our medicine is so much more expensive because we are subsidizing it for the socialist countries, eg. France and Canada.

If liberals believe the insurance companies are being unjust now, wait until the government runs our lives. Do you want fat politicians telling you what to eat and drink? They can and will deny health care to people they believe don’t deserve it.

Government-run health care would function with the efficiency of the postal system and the heart and soul of the IRS. With insurance companies you pay for a personal agent, while one government employee may be responsible for thousands of citizens.

The medical and scientific advances of the 20th century were causes for our competitive capitalistic economy. If the health care industry controls how much health care a citizen gets, regardless of wealth, then all medical advances will cease, or become too cheap to be of any use.

Unfortunately, people do die as a result of nature. If we base our system off of competition, then we have set up our own survival of the fittest: the fittest being the most rich and the most intelligent to buy health insurance.

Under any system, people’s lives will end; just under the government’s system everyone’s lives will end a lot sooner.

When the judges become criminals who do the American people turn to? The last time such an atrocity was committed we revolted, wrote our own constitution and a Bill of Rights which did not include the right to health care.

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