Phi Mu suspended by nationals due to low membership


On August 19, the Phi Mu sorority chapter closed on the Missouri Western State University campus after a decision by a certain sect of the chapter members. The sorority is the second oldest sorority in the nation and the oldest on campus (1952).

The closing process is shrouded in mystery as some members were told that the decision to close was made directly from nationals. Others comment that a meeting of a minority of the sisters voted to close the chapter.

Aimee Wilson, a recent graduate from Missouri Western, claims the closing was due to a meeting held by certain members of the organization.

“The active members of the chapter that attended the meeting voted to voluntarily close,” Wilson said.

Emily Feger, Panhellenic president for Missouri Western also expressed that the decision was not unanimous in the chapter, agreeing that the decision was made at the local level.

“It was a very slight majority,” Feger said.

The official statement from the national executive committee states that the decision was made at the national level.
“The National Executive Committee of Phi Mu Fraternity has made the decision to suspend chapter operations of our Zeta Pi Chapter at Missouri Western State University due to a decline in chapter membership.”

Some of the Phi Mu alumnae find the closing of the chapter upsetting. Emily Oliver is one sorority sister that is deeply saddened about the closing.

“I think that we have a lot to offer and I feel like I was cheated out of my experience to be actively Greek. We could have turned the chapter around. Ask anyone who is actively Greek,” Oliver said.

Wilson agrees with this statement. Seventy-five women went through the process of joining a sorority last week, which means that Phi Mu could have obtained up to 15 new members, nearly doubling their size.

“Honestly, I am very disappointed,” Wilson said. “It is really hard to see something end that you personally have worked so hard to keep going. It is especially disheartening to see it close when the number of students on Western’s campus are greatly increasing and the number of women interested in joining a sorority is the largest it has been in years.”

There is hope for the future of the Phi Mu sorority. In the past, the chapter has reopened after closing, and the chance of reopening in future semesters is still on the table.

“There is always a possibility, but it isn’t too strong and it more than likely will not be in my time,” Oliver said.
The official statement from the national chapter of Phi Mu stated that the decision was made at their level.

“Suspension” gives more hope to the future reopening of the chapter.

“Phi Mu used to be a big sorority at Western during the 1970s,” Wilson said. “One thing I do know is that every Greek organization at the time was closing and the entire

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