Panhellenic formal recruitment: fewer chapters, more new members


Greek recruitment at Missouri Western has been an uphill battle for several years at Missouri Western. Once flourishing chapters have fallen on hard times with even a few organizations folding from a lack of members. For the Panhellenic organizations, last week may have been the recruitment to save Greek life on Missouri Western’s campus.

Fall formal sorority recruitment is a stringent, rule-goverened process that all female Greek organizations must adhere to, and it is the main source of new members for each organization. Potential new members pay a fee to register to participate in the weeklong process where the organizations have a vetting process for the new girls. In the past, this archaic process had basic problems. With this recruitment, organizations stepped into the modern age. Sigma Sigma Sigma recruitment chair Megan Anderson touted some of the upgrades of the new process.

“Everyone registers online now and pays their enrollment fee there,” Anderson said. “All organizations receive a master list of people beforehand complete with pictures and enrollment information such as grade point average and activities. This helps us have the information at our finger tips and to help address some of the concerns that new members and the organizations will face. We had over 70 people sign up this way, and it was a great tool for each organization to get organized and get rolling quicker than years past.”

The recruitment week concluded Sunday with 51 girls joining new organizations. Sigma Sigma Sigma and Alpha Sigma Alpha both hit the maximum allotted numbers for the recruitment period by signing 21 new girls. Alpha Gamma Delta added nine girls to their roster. For some of the older members, the turnout for this recruitment was a very pleasant and much needed surprise. Sigma Sigma Sigma President Kali Conard expressed shock in the amount of girls showing interest in Greek life.

“I have been with Sigma for four years,” Conard said. “This is by far the biggest turnout that I have ever seen. The ladies in every organization did some great organizing and made this year a complete success. I hope it continues.”
In the past year, Western has lost two Greek organizations. One of the organizations, Phi Mu, was a Panhellenic organization the folded before the start of the semester. With the number of organizations down to three, some organizations used this as motivation to fortify their ranks with quality members. Celeste Hass, vice president of recruitment for Alpha Gamma Delta, said that it helped her organization realize what needed to be done.

“We were sad to see others close after the work that went into helping them,” Hass said. “We can learn from it though. This week helped us understand what it takes to build a chapter’s foundations and we got a lot of new quality girls from this week because of it. We’re organized now and this should set as a great blueprint for Panhellenic recruitments in the future.”

People who missed out on formal recruitment can look forward to continuous open bidding. Organizations that aren’t at capacity can openly recruit new members who meet their criteria.

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